Why Choose WheldonCo

You get your money back

Our work is focused on delivering what you need to ensure the return you get from using our services is greater than the investment you make.

Business driven

Our solutions are 100% focused on your business needs and requirements. We are requirements driven, not technology driven.

Our services are built to last.

We use manual and automate testing to ensure our systems are robust. This also speeds up development and makes changes easy

We invest to deliver the highest quality.

Many companies use free tools which all have short comings. We invest in the best, to buy the tools we use you would need to spend over £10,000.

Microsoft Trained

All our developers are professionally trained by Microsoft.

We are a professional software business

We are specialists. We stick to what we are the best at which is software development and apps.

Our business is making professional software.

Communication and involvement

We speak in a language you will understand and provide weekly updates on progress.

We allow you to access and try out your solutions in totally safe environment before they go live.