Sleepy Head

A collection of smoothing music to help you relax and get to sleep.  Pick one of the music tracks or a play list for forty minutes of relaxing sounds that automatically fades out during the last fifteen minutes.

Dynamic Merchandising Ltd

Dynamic Merchandising Ltd produce display and merchandising solutions for big name brands. They also design sales promotions and redemption schemes and it was this type of project that caused them to contact us. The problem Dynamic Merchandising Ltd were acting for a global manufacturer of household goods on a customer points and redemption scheme. What […]

Redbox Recorders Ltd

Red Box Recorders Ltd produce telephone recording systems which help companies record and improve customer service interactions. The Problem Many organisations do business over landline and mobile phones and Redbox wanted to add to the existing mobile phone functionality. What we did We added new features to the voice recording options for mobiles. This enables […]