Purges ProEngineer historical files from specified directories.
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ProE keeps a history of files by incrementing the file extension by 1. e.g. ‘filename’.drg.1, ‘filename’.drg.2, ‘filename’.drg.3.

During the design process it is therefore possible to go back to earlier versions. At the end of a design or project it is often necessary to purge these earlier versions. This cleans the directory up and vastly increases disk storage space. Files can be purged by going into each file individually (within the CAD package), but this is both laborious and time consuming.

This utility simply purges all previous version numbers quickly and efficiently. It also checks the file-modified date and time. If a file exists which has a later modified date than that of a file with a greater incremented extension number, it saves both of these files. Any number of directories at one time, simply by ‘adding’ additional paths in the dialogue box.

v1.003 release includes:

  • Evaluation restrictions removed
  • Network folders and UNC paths now supported
  • Added to ‘Send To’ menu
  • Files and folders can be dragged/dropped on to ProFPurge to add folders to the purge list
  • Confirmation pop-up message when purge had completed
  • New Installer
  • Donate instead of Register
  • Layout changes
  • Updated help
  • ‘Adequate Backup’ warning and link
  • Renamed to ProFPurge

ProFPurge uses the VC re-distributable  which most ProEngineer users will already have.

This is a free app, please give us a G+1 as a thank you.

Download ProFPurge 1.003 Installer (350 KB).

Download ProFPurge 1.003 Installer
with VC redistributable (4,713 KB).