Crocodile Events

The Company

Organises Stag and Hen parties throughout the UK, their web site and word of mouth are the main sales channels.

The Task

Initial job was to do some enhancements to their website, including the creation of the ‘Build Your Own’ feature.

What We Did

After that we made the web site fully ecommerce and integrated with the office database. Previously payments were being taken manually in the office using a shared PDQ card machine. By going fully e-commerce on the web site this freed up the staff time as they no longer had to process the payments and because the system is fully integrated they no longer have to enter the payment details into their administration software. Customers also benefit because payments are more secure and they get an instant receipt for the payment, this is particularly important as most payments are made outside of office hours. Enquiries are also integrated in a similar way. These changes saved the equivalent of a years wages and allowed the existing staff to cope with the increasing level of sales.

and after that …

Other projects have included adding more value to the Crocodile Events business, include automated message (sms text and email) and internal reports.

As with most clients we have gained an in depth understanding of their business and act, where appropriate, in an advisory role during business development and budgeting planning.